Thursday, 30 June 2011

Mobile technology update

I have been really pleased in the response to the iPad and I am really exited to see how we are going to use them. I have had one since February and used it in many lessons and the reaction from the students has been very positive. I have bought a visualiser and a VGA adaptor so it can be displayed on the projectors/monitors.

Here are few ideas as to how mobile technology could help us

* Portability: Instead of the traditional rows of students facing a whiteboard, wireless devices encourages the classroom to be more group orientated, with clusters of students carrying out work and research in small teams
* Less paper: These devices can easily hold a complete set of e-Textbooks. This will cut down on storage, having tatty dog eared books to use and perhaps less printing
* More convenient: Textbooks are heavy to carry, thus tablets will lighten the burden
* Multi-purpose: A tablet machine can hold many useful applications, including e-reader, calculator, organiser and so on.
* Multi-media: Creative applications include painting apps, video editing apps and so on. Thus offering a chance for classes to make exciting new ways of learning

And, lastly, have a look at this article and tell me of anyone else in the school who might be interested in being involved.

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