Thursday, 20 October 2011

ICT Forum 20-10-11

· Mobile technology in learning

How do we use iPads and iPods within school?  Many subject areas are now exploring the use of these items within their classrooms and are realising the power of this new medium.  If you want to find out more, ask teachers in the following areas – ICT, Media, Sports & the Arts, DT, Science, English, History and Geography. Here is a link to an Apple article on how to get started with mobile technology in learning and how useful it can be;

Here is an interesting article on how mobile technology is being used in America;

Have a look ..... Click here

We also have 11 iPod touches that can be loaned out to trial using mobile technologies in the learning environment
· Helpful applications

Here’s a few new FREE apps that I have found over the past few weeks;
All subjects – Flashcards+, My spelling test free, Microsoft Office 2010: Video training course lite
Sci – Chemistry A level exams tutor, Biology A level exams tutor, GCSE Science, Skyview Free
MFL – Free French Tutor – 24/7 Language Learning, Free Spanish Tutor – 24/7 Language Learning, Free Italian Tutor – 24/7 Language Learning, Learn French Quick, Free Spanish essentials
6th Form – UCAS, UCAS Track, AA theory Test
Art – color effects,  How to draw (free lessons), Camera Studio+, Photosynth, Splice – Video Editor, WaterMyPhoto
Maths – iMathematica, Maths Addicted, Maths GCSE exams tutor, Mathscard GCSE, Mental maths lite
· Blogs

Here’s a list of all of our current blogs.  If you are interested in starting your own blog then just see Mr Lindgren.

· Collaborative learning

Check out this video about Google docs on YouTube (The Youtube links have all been generated using which gets rid of all of the content apart from the video):

· The ‘cloud’

The cloud will revolutionise the way we store and retrieve our data.  It is being harnessed by all of the big companies and is the next big step in ICT.  Check out this video about Dropbox on YouTube (Apple tried to by Dropbox for 800 million dollars earlier this year):

Check out this video about iCloud YouTube:

· New network developments

If you need guidance on how to use the new Office 2010 packages have a look at the 2007 video tutorials on as it is very similar
· Moodle

Our moodle is well on the way and is being populated with ICT resources and courses.  It can be found in the ICT & Business shared area.  Mr James is dealing with requests for training and the addition of new courses for other subject areas.

· The new school website

The new school website is well under way and the basic pages will be going live over the next few weeks. Ask Mr Lindgren to see the progress.

· ESafety

Here are a few useful links regarding ESafety that we all need to know and be aware of in this ever changing digital age;
The Yorkshire and Humber Grid For Learning website ESafety section;
Here is a link to a website created by Vodafone. It is full of parent friendly guidance;
I’m sure we’re all aware of the brilliance of Facebook, but it also has many downsides.  Here is their own guide, which sets out how to protect your account, avoid scammers, set advanced security settings, recovering a hacked account and stopping imposters.
Please see Mr Lindgren if you want any advice on how to manage, deactivate or delete your Facebook account.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Steve Jobs 1955 - 2011

Steve jobs was a true game changer, innovator and imagineer.

Life as we know it would not be the same without his brilliant mind and eye for the next big thing.

Have a think. Read about his life. He is a true inspiration to us all. He took ideas and made them real.
Click on the title above to look at the best obituary I have read so far.

Are you the next Steve Jobs? I hope so.