Friday, 16 March 2012

Blog Question 1

Many mobile phones now have GPS as a feature.

State two uses of GPS on a mobile phone. (2)

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Question 1

Some people claim that playing video games is beneficial.
Make a reasoned argument to support this point of view.

Here are some examples of what you said.

Answer 1

Playing video games can be beneficial because it encourages the gamer to interact with something. This stimulates the brain and makes them think about tasks such as problem solving or navigational skills. Scientific research suggests that the more the brain is used, the more it is likely to prevent memory loss, so by interacting with games it involves thinking, using the mind.

Video games can also be beneficial to people in the rehabilitation process, in that they can use gentle exercise games, such as Wii Fit/Wii Sport, to physically build up strength in a gradual process to help them in making their recovery which is beneficial to their health.

Video games can also help people become more developed in reading skills and recognising new language and understanding new concepts. Games with written content allow the brain to engage with written instructions for the player to follow and involves new words and ideas, this is beneficial to the player because they are becoming more knowledgeable.

Answer 2
Playing videogames can be beneficial socially, as many games for the main current systems include a mode of online play, where you can socialize and talk to people, and create and maintain friendships. In older systems (and some newer games, although this has mainly been scrapped in favour of solely online play) LAN parties were held, where multiple systems were linked via cables (but still played on their own screens) where people would have to be in the same room. There is also split-screen play where multiple people play on one screen, where people also have to be in the same room.

Games can also be a benefit mentally as playing games can introduce you to new words through the games characters, and introduce you to new concepts and points of view, and games like Brain training and Professor Layton keep your mind active and so are good for keeping your mind young.

Games like Wii sports and Wii fit keep you fit and give you exercise in the form of games and so are more fun and interesting, and games that track your progress keep you coming back to beat your former scores and improve, introducing a type of competition with yourself to be the best you can.

Stress can also be lowered by playing games as you can relax and enjoy yourself and other forms off stress release are also incorporated, for example exercise.

Answer 3

I agree that playing videos can be beneficial because it can encourage teamwork when playing with friends or online, multiplayer mode can also introduce players to different people and cultures from all across the world and help them make new friends. Video games can also develop skills that people need in every day life like problem solving, reading and technology. Knowledge in technology is particularly important as most jobs involve use of technology. It can improve hand-eye co-ordination as the player uses the control while watching the TV and must also keep concentration. It can also build confidence in people as they win and complete the game, but most of all it is a very fun and popular form of entertainment.


Indicative content to support the benefits of playing video games

* Improves hand eye coordination

*Can be an effective tool for learning/cognitive development/thinking/problem solving/reasoning/memory

*Stops young people getting into trouble on the streets

*Multiplayer games encourage social interaction

*Some game provide fitness/exercise programmes

*Encourage interest in particular subject/research

*Developing language skills

*Games can mirror real life and allow players to make mistakes without harming themselves

*Whole brain activity occurs when playing games

Level 1 The student will produce brief responses, making a limited number of simple statements, probably with limited reference to the benefits of video games. Responses produced by the student will be generalised and will cover a limited range of benefits. They have used everyday language but their response lacks clarity and organisation. Spelling, punctuation and the rules of grammar are used with limited accuracy.

Level 2 Students's reponses will be mostly accruate and will include a number of relevant benefits. Candidates will have discussed the benefits that they identify. Limited attempt to argue the case. They have used some specialist terms and their response shows some focus and organisation. Spelling, punctuation and the rules of grammar are used with some accuracy.

Level 3 The student will produce a factually accruate repsonse that includes the discussion of a range of appropriate benefits. The benefits identified are appropriate and the case is wel argued. They have used appropriate specialist terms consistently and the response shows food focus and organisation. Spelling, punctuation and the rules of grammar are used with considerable accuracy.