Friday, 15 July 2011

Handy apps


  • Dragon Dictation - a free app that allows you to read into your apple device and it converts your voice into text.
  • Evernote - A free 'must have' app that allows you to create notes, ideas, snapshots, documents, recordings etc all in one place.  This is really good for making a collection of ideas for lessons/sow/units/topics for staff and students.
  • Documents to go - is a paid app (5.99) that allows you to create, edit and view Word and Excel files. It allows you to view PowerPoint and PDF files too.  This app is not as polished as the Apple versions, but it links directly with Dropbox to allow you to store your files in their cloud.
  • PS Express - A free mini Photoshop app that allows you to put amazing effects on your pictures.  This app does things that would usually take hours to learn how to do in Photoshop.
  • Simple Transfer (lite) - is a free app that allows you to send pictures form your apple device to a PC via any internet connection
  • Photo Exchange - is a free app that allows you to send and receive photos or pictures over a wireless network. Great app.
  • Reel Director - is a paid app (1.19 when I bought it) that allows you to create your own videos from pictures, videos and sounds  - just like an iPad version of Windows Movie Maker. It is very easy to use and is well worth the price.
  • Cooliris - A free picture searching app that allows you to find better looking pictures.
  • Qwiki - is a free app that looks like the future of how we will get our information.  It gathers together information from around the web about any topic you choose and collates it together in an ingenious way.  Have a go, you'll be hooked.
  • ShowMe - is a free, but very basic whiteboard app which allows you to annotate over pictures taken with the iPad and record audio whilst doing so.
  • TED - is a free app that collects together inspirational speakers from around the world.  
  • Translate - is a free translation app by Google.  It seems to work fine, although if I'm not back at work in September, I may have told an Italian that their mother smells of elderberries or something.
  • Sas Flash cards - is a free flash card tool. This looks really good and useful.
  • iThoughtHD - is a paid app (5.99) that allows you to create amazing mind maps.
  • Airboard - is a free and fun app that allows you to collaborate ideas live with  apple devices over a Wi-Fi connection. Great for starters and plenaries.
  • Splashtop - is a paid app (1.49) that allows you to seamlessly connect to your PC remotely via an internet connection. When connected you will see your PC's desktop on your iPad - Windows on an Apple device.
  • Flipboard - is a free app that allows you to collate all of your favourite news feeds and social media feeds. It is like your very own magazine filled with stuff that you like - designed by you.
  • Sky News – is a brilliant free news app especially designed for the iPad.
  • Appbox lite - is a free app that includes currency converters, date calculators, tip calculator, unit conversion, loan calculator and many more.
  • Calculator pro - is a free calculator. The iPad doesn't have one.
  • abcNotes - is a free trial version of a note jotter. It allows you to create virtual sticky notes and put them on the ipad screen in any order you want.  The paid version is cheap and has much more functionality
  • Corkulous - is a paid app (2.99) that is a virtual cork board so you can collect and collate ideas.

Friday, 1 July 2011


Dropbox is a free file saving and sharing utility. There are versions for all ict devices meaning you can access your documents anywhere. Great for lesson plans!